Kathryn Bakke - Speaker,  Pianist, Hearing Loss  Consultant
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Kathryn Bakke, widely recognized and completely unique pianist/entertainer and speaker based in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area is even more unique as a musical artist with a profound hearing loss in both ears who uses a hearing aid and a cochlear implant.

She entertains all over the United States. She represents great and inspirational achievement. overcoming the challenges of losing the one sense most crucial to her profession,

Many people with a hearing loss or other disability give up their chosen field or discontinue their previous activities, professionally, socially or physically. Kathryn demonstrates that it need not happen.

After her second major hearing loss, she demonstrated triumph over the following:

AS A MUSICIAN, she has:

  • Earned a Master's degree in piano performance.
  • Held church positions as pianist, organist and choir director.
  • Taught large classes of piano students including many contest winners.
  • Adjudicated for piano exams and competitions.
  • Composed a variety of music including humorous and serious compositions for piano solo and four-hands, vocal and choral.
  • Performed a variety of theme show series each year in a widening geographical area. These areas nclude the entire upper Midwest, Seattle, Denver, CO, Southeast United States, upstate New York, Washington D.C. and cities en route. The themes include all the holidays and many novelty themes such as "New York! New York." She develops custom theme shows for conferences and conventions, family occasions and private parties.
  • Has produced and performed as the principal artist for three compact discs
  • Entertained varied groups from senior venues to private parties to corporate events specializing in convention openers.

AS A SPEAKER, she is:

  • A member of National Speakers Association and a long time Toastmaster.
  • A memorable motivational musical keynote speaker on overcoming impossible challenges.
  • Available to present to groups seeking information on providing hearing loss access.


  • l She writes articles for national hearing loss newsletters.
  • She is working on several books:·
  • "Sure I Can Hear, But I Want to Listen!" which informs a variety of venues such as conferences, churches, retirement facilities and others on how to open up their space to include people with a hearing loss.
  • · “Uncertain Steps” - a lightly humorous book comparing the floundering experiences of a traveler, here and abroad, coping with route and communication challenges to the similar experiences undergone by a person with a hearing loss.


  • An active church member, participating in and volunteering for whichever activities can be meshed with her busy tour schedule.
  • A past board member of Association of Adult Musicians with Hearing Loss.
  • A past board member of the MN Hearing Loss Association in America (HLAA)
  • Actively participates in neighborhood block leadership

Kathryn is married to Roald. They have two married children and four charming grandchildren. She loves to read. She and Roald are enthusiastic power volleyball players and long distance bicyclists.

Roald is also her faithful roadie, often adding an additional light touch to her shows.

Kathryn and Roald have traveled widely to many places in Europe as well as an extensive stay in Turkey, residing near Istanbul.

She maintains an active entertaining and speaking schedule, over 150 appearances in 2011.

Please call or email for the latest information on availability and fees.

Phone: 612-866-2974.

E-mail: kbakmushoh@aol.com

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