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Kathryn offers innovative theme shows and inspirational speeches. With her husband, Roald, road manager, occasional straight man, equipment stabilizer, they are a charming and humorous team on the road.

Piano Programs

  • solo
  • four hands at one piano-The interplay of hands and almost choreographed teamwork of  the duet performances with two people at one piano (four-hands) make these programs a hit with all ages and musical interest.
  • classical, light classical, or pop/show tunes

    All have stunning and sensitive musicianship!

Theme Shows

These shows include light-hearted or serious discussion of unique theme related props, such as antique Valentines. They can be tailored to seasonal parties, convention openers or keynote speeches, ethnic gatherings, company diversity gatherings.

The following is a comprehensive description of all the theme shows. The list also indicates whether they are available for piano solo, four hands at one piano or piano and a vocalist.

The shows are 15 minutes to an hour in length. Booking during the time offered and in tour format is best, although other arrangements are possible.

This link allows the downloading of a 2012 theme show catalog in pdf format to ease viewing the list of choices at leisure.

"You put on a very fun show for us and related and interacted wonderfully with your audience. I often struggle to find a fun way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and this was a great solution! We sure hope you will be in our area again soon."

Hannah Schaffan, Meadow View, Sheboygan



Piano Solo

Four hand

Vocal Time offered Possible venues
Celebrate Winter! A tongue-in-cheek respite from the winter days that dog us. It's ajoyful tribute to winter's better days! X   X January and February

Winter party

Winter carnivals

Senior and retirement venues.

Love and Valentines

This delightful show features fascinating three-dimensional antique Valentines.

Romantic pieces from all times make a lasting memory.


X First two weeks of February

Private parties & teas


Historic houses

Public entertainment venues

Senior and retirement venues.

Walk with Me and Be My Love

Love songs and wedding memorabilia make any wedding event a unique and memorable occasion.


X Any time. Always a custom show.

Wedding events and showers


Laugh with the Irish! A whimsical, humorous, poigniant tribute to Ireland and its people. Rousing Irish music, dances and enthusiastic singalong allow great audience participation. X   X March 1 - 18

St. Patrick's Day celebrations

Dance openers

Private parties

Senior and retirement venues.

Way of the Cross

A meaningful and memorable stirring musical worship show walking with Jesus down the path from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.


    X Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday.

Church services and events

Christian college chapel services

Retirement venues, schools.

God Loved on a Hill Far Away

An inspirational Lenten show including some singalong.

Kathryn shares memories and profound thoughts for the season.

X     Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday.


Church sponsored events

Senior and retirement venues

Celebrate Spring You'll love this wonderful kick-off for spring with appealing piano pieces and stories to match. X    X March 20 through Memorial Day.

Garden clubs

Women's clubs

Senior and retirement venues.

Color Me the Rainbow Unique show with a collection of songs in color, from all times of the 20th century.     X March 20 through Memorial Day, but other times would also be appropriate.

Garden clubs

Women's clubs

Senior & retirement venues.

It's a Grand Night for Springing! Wonderful show with a grand array of show tunes to set your feet to tapping and your heart to singing!     X March 20 through Memorial Day.

Garden clubs

Women's clubs

Garden stores

Senior and retirement venues.

Salute to Mothers and Grandmothers (or Fathers and Grandfathers.) Whimsical tribute to the people who brought us up and our memories of childhood, even our own parenthood. X   X May 1 - two days past Mother's Day or June 1 - 16.

Family celebrations

Senior and retirement venues

Church celebrations.

My America!

This stunning show pleases whether in all forms. Each version is unique. Each helps us remember our great country and the liberties we often take for granted. It includes lots of singalong. God Bless America, This Land is Your Land and This is My Country and others. There are also appropriate classical pieces.

X X X Memorial Day, Flag Day, Fourth of July, Patriot's Day (Sept. 11), Veteran's Day (Nov. 11)

Community celebrations

Sstate & national parks

Resort entertainment

Senior and retirement venues

Rollin' Along Route 66

Fun fascinating journey along the Mother Road, with stories and music to drive by as you follow the historic highway.

Included on the program are Home on the Range, On the Trail, Trolley Song and the Lone Ranger Theme.

X   X August 2010 through August 2012 Almost any audience. Something for everyone.
The Fairest Day of All Every state is proud of its state fair. Some characteristics are common to all: the Midway, food displays and vendors, the sense of fun. We invite you to come to the fair!     X State Fair days and the week preceding.

State Fair and it's preliminary publicity events

Senior and retirement venues


New York! New York! Memorable show celebrating "New York City": music, Broadway, liberty, landmarks, the pulsating beat. This show will showcase the essence or New York City. Last is the stunning closer "Rhapsody in Blue"! X   X August 25, 2009 - August 30, 2010

Civic groups

Women's organizations

Country clubs

University clubs

Entertainment halls

Senior and retirement venues

If This is Tuesday It Must Be Paris

Travel a virtual musical trip all over the world, bringing souvenirs and sharing funny or touching stories of her travels.

Some included pieces are Istanbul (not Constantinople), Wonderful Copen-hagen and The Blue Danube Waltz.

X     August 2011 through August 2013

Women's organizations

University clubs

Entertainment halls

Senior and retirement venues

Nice Work If You Can Get It! For Labor Day. A tongue in cheek treatment of the work we do and pieces that will give you a chuckle. X X    

Any social gathering

Senior and retirement venues

Fascinating Fall This nostalgic show combines familiar pop tunes about fall will exciting easy listening classical for a celebration of many people's favorite season. X     September 1 through Thanksgiving.

Any social gathering


Senior and retirement venues.

Honor My Grandparent We celebrate grandparents' and surrogate grandparents' special place in our lives. X   X A few days before to a few days after the second weekend in September. Family celebrations, senior and retirement venues, church celebrations.
Thankfully Speaking! Celebrating what we are thankful for, this show will jog your memory and brighten your day. X     November 1 through the weekend following Thanksgiving. Churches, group entertainment, senior and retirement venues.

Christmas Songs You Love

All your favorite carols, for solo and sing-along.


X December 1 - 23 Private parties, public entertainment, churches, senior and retirement venues.
O Holy Night! Christmas Carols from Sunrise to Sunset

Gorgeous Christmas music including original carols and arrangements of the best of the past.

Unique manger scene collection fun information about Christmas customs from all over the world,

X   X December 1 - 23 Private parties, public entertainment, churches, senior and retirement venues.
Christmas Greats for Two at One Piano Nutcrackers, manger scenes and a sleigh highlight sections of this memorable show. Mesmerizing music and visual entertainment, watching four hands flying.   X   December 1 - 23 Private parties, public entertainment, churches, senior and retirement venues.
Play Ball! Baseball is what we do in the summer. We play it. We watch others play it. We pay to watch others play it. Kathryn plays with this theme in imaginative and humorous ways, celebrating the sport that has produced so many great stars. X     Spring, summer and fall. Picnics, baseball games, summer parties, office parties, you name it!
It's Raining Cats & Dogs Intriguing show full of pieces about cats, dogs and stormy days. X       Any audience
Fully developed shows not in the regular schedule

Wind, Water and Wit

Pieces describe, musically and sometimes tongue in cheek, the wonder of wind, water, and weather.


    Weathermen's professional groups, meteorologists conventions, garden clubs, senior venues, community gatherings.

Fascinating Gershwin

Familiar and rarely heard Gershwin - a stunning program including "Rhapsody in Blue"!


    Public entertainment, clubs, senior and retirement venues.

Dance with Me, Do!

Dances from all times invite hand clap-ping and toe tapping. For any group and any party.


The Funny Side - Muddles Make Memories! Great pieces and amusing stories to jog your memory of experiences gone bad that are fun in retrospect. X     Any time.  
Reach for the Stars Memorable piano pieces from all musical styles, all about outer space with astronautical comments strewn though the show. X      Any time.  

Faces of the Night

Creatures of the night, what we do at night, moon, stars etc.


Great Tunes for All Times A trip down nostalgia lane with piano pieces from every era and some of the amusing or touching background of many. Stunning array of solo pieces. Rhythm instruments encourage audience participation. X        
Around the World in Dance and Song Beautiful collection of ethnic pieces from all over the world. Some momentos from Kathryn's extensive travel.   X      
Upcoming themes


Mesmerizing Spanish piano music with great appeal will charm you and provide a stimulating listening and visual experience.



" Gardens in the Rain (and Sun) "

Pieces about weather, flowers and the beauty of nature.



"The Musical World of Dr. Zhivago"

From Russia with love. Stories, visuals and great piano music from all times.



"Vive la France"

France has contributed so many things to our lives and history. Music, food, wine, beautiful scenery are entwined in this great show.



"Ach du Lieber!"

Charming folk songs and humorous commentary will delight your group.



Children at Play: Timeless Fun

Children's games, activities, things kids do. Great for schools, children's parties, toy creators and manufacturers' conventions


If I Could Walk with the Animals Charming, intriguing music and little-known facts about animals and visuals to match.          

"You have an inspiring energy when you play the piano, and it really brings a group to life. It’s wonderful when an energy like that is contagious. Thank you again. We highly recommend your speaking and musical talent to groups who want a magical blend of pleasure and inspiration." Susan Zimmerman, Programs and President-Elect, Awesome Women

If  you have any comments or additional ideas for themes, please e-mail me.

Musical keynotes :





Four Hand

"Vintage Valentines on View"

Antique dealers

Talk about unique wedding memorabilia and antique Valentines and pieces that fit each.


"Love Me Forever"

Wedding planners and caterers

Romantic pieces, wedding theme pieces and talk about unique wedding memorabilia


"Children's Play, the Way It Was"

Toy makers and designers

Pieces about children's games and activities and talk about childhood.


"Gardens in the Rain"

Garden clubs

Pieces about weather, flowers and talk about the beauty of creation.


"Wild and Wonderful Weather"


Pieces describing the weather and light discussion of aspects of weather from a layman's view.



Recreations facilities

Pieces about recreation - boats, bicycling, etc. and the importance of adapting recreation for people with hearing loss.









"What a joy it was to listen to Kathryn play!" Kris Willner, Bethesda Pleasant View, Willmar, MN