Kathryn Bakke - Speaker,  Pianist, Hearing Loss  Consultant  
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Do you want to be re-energized and inspired?

Kathryn's message appeals to a variety of audiences.

A mesmerizing pianist and compelling speaker, Kathryn's musical keynotes and innovative training sessions, laced with humor, add beauty and uniqueness to your event.

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Way of the Cross

Follow Christ down His last path, from Palm Sunday to Easter in this moving, memorable show. Musical worship show  
  "Kathryn presented
"Way of the Cross" for our Good Friday service. With piano solo and accompanying Ingerid Kvam, soprano, she took us on a spiritual and emotional review of Jesus' last hours of abandonment and suffering, crucifixion, and death and into the mystery, wonder and hope of Easter morning.
I am happy and confident to commend her gifts for your consideration.
Pastor Roger J. Allmendinger, Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Fairfax, Minnesota


Of Course You Can

Audiologists, people with a hearing loss, ear, nose and throat physicians

IMotivating message on overcoming hearing loss by use of hearing aids, assistive devices, communication skills, proactive techniques.


Great Space, Any Place

Churches, businesses, retirement home staff, party and convention planners, seniors, school Boards and principals

Kathryn will show you high and tech ways to make your space and worship experience comfortable for people with a hearing loss, thereby reaching a largely ignored group of people.





Be a Pro at Activism

People with a hearing loss or any other challenge

Learn how to be a server by asking for services  

Disability is a Camouflaged Opportunity

Anyone with a challenge to overcome

You can find joy and opportunity in a physical challenge. Using life's challenges to grow and change for the better.  

Don't Pull Your Thorn

General audiences.

Yyou can let God use you, in spite of and even because of a challenge. You will leave with excitement about the path God chose for you!  

Overcoming Impossible Challenges

Everyone has challenges they want to overcome. Why don't we?

Often we see them as dead ends and give up before we've tried.

Kathryn will help you Identify life challenges and learn techniques to overcome them. Discover the exciting detours!